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Darling Escapes: How To Make Your First Solo Trip Enjoyable

If you’ve never considered travel alone before, maybe it’s time to start. Traveling alone can help you recharge, gain confidence, feel empowered, and enable you to wander outside the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

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We Are Travel Girls: 7 Instagrammable Spots In The Pink City Of Jaipur

Jaipur, India is known as The Pink City. It’s hard not to feel welcome in such a beautiful, bustling city!

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We Are Travel Girls: The 8 Most Charming Places To Visit In Ireland

Ireland is one of the most underrated and beautiful countries to visit. There’s something so romantic about the history, the still-present Gaelic language, and the sprawling green countryside. Despite the year-round rainy weather, there are often days here and there of warm sunlight. When you first visit, exploring the major cities is a good place to start, but the most charming places are those little towns on the outskirts of the bigger metropolitan areas. 

We Are Travel Girls: 8 Things You Should Know About Becoming A Digital Nomad

The day I was let go from my corporate media job in New York City, I packed up my cubicle into a cardboard box and walked out the front door during the lunch hour. I immediately called my mom and told her, “I’m going to Europe.” 


Nomad Africa Adventure Tours

I joined Nomad Africa Adventure Tours on a content collaboration tour to Namibia. Here is my review of the tour on TripAdvisor, a video of the tour, and a list of the places I visited during the week-long adventure.