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Hello! I'm Steph.

I can't tell you just one because there are many.

I felt it standing in front of a class of Chinese college students, nervously introducing myself as their new English teacher. I felt it in the summer humidity and funky smells of Taipei's night markets. I felt it biking aimlessly in the winding dirt paths of Laos. I felt it as much in early-morning hikes to Hong Kong's secret waterfalls as I did navigating through its eclectic maze-like shopping malls. I felt it during intoxicated nights at Spanish nightclubs, staring at the mesmerizing Great Wall, and jumping out of a plane in Queensland. I even felt it when I saw my first subway rat in New York City (and then, never again).

In truth, I feel it all the time, urging me to step outside and explore whenever life gets too comfortable, too repetitive. It's what keeps me happy in this crazy, unpredictable, beautiful world.

This is where I document my adventures in travel, personal style, the good, bad, and very awkward dating stories, and my thoughts and reflections along the way.

Let's get lost :)

xx - Steph