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Hey! I’m Steph. Welcome to my blog, Lost Girl On Earth.

I started this blog in January 2017 without much idea of what I wanted it to be, because I didn’t know who I wanted to be. I was truly lost in all sense of the word. So what does one usually do when they’re feeling lost? They travel and get lost some more! Makes sooo much sense, right?

I embarked on what ended up being a year-long trip through Europe's most popular cities (I had never been before, so I was being real basic), down to Bali to chill and soak up some magic, then to India to complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training course, and eventually to Southern Africa to explore breathtakingly beautiful mountain and desert landscapes of South Africa and Namibia, respectively. I sustained my finances through freelance copywriting, volunteering at hostels, and sleeping on the couches of some very generous friends and acquaintances.

As you can probably tell from the brief overview of my trip above, I did the whole cliche thing of trying to “find myself” by taking an Eat-Pray-Love-esque trip. (Cringe, I know. But true story: I've actually never even seen the film or read the book.) Anyway, when you think about it, everyone is always trying to find themselves in one form or another, am I right?

I was so determined to travel for a year that it became my goal at around month eight...and I did it. I hit my one-year mark of travel and ended up visiting 20 countries last year!

It wasn’t glamorous by any means—I am predominantly a backpacker and an active tourist, so I don’t mind getting stuck in the rain or hiking with the hot sun beating down on me or camping in a really smelly old tent and not showering for a few days (actually, I kind of mind that, specifically after 48 hours). But traveling long-term and nonstop taught me a lot of things about myself and about the kind of lifestyle that I want to live.

It turns out that I am a creature of habit. Despite my unpredictable schedule of moving from place to place on an average of 3-4 weeks for most of 2017, I realized I missed stability and consistency in my very inconsistent life. I would still try to keep a daily schedule and implement healthy habits into my life by eating in a nourishing and balanced way, running, hiking, meditating, connecting with open-minded and diverse people, and building an engaged community of friends and confidants both on and offline. And to do all these things on the reg, I needed to stop living out of my beloved backpack and find a home least for a while.

That's part of the reason why I recently moved to Berlin! Another reason for why I chose this amazing, culturally and historically-rich city is because they offer what it called the artists/freelancer visa which I am currently applying for. With this visa, I will not only be able to live in Berlin and continue freelance copywriting, but I will also be able to focus on turning this blog into a business. That said, I don’t plan to focus solely on travel. I want Lost Girl On Earth to become a resource dedicated to wellness, fashion, and navigating life as a digital entrepreneur in Berlin.

It’s going to be another type of journey, which I definitely anticipate getting lost on over and over again. But deep down, I know that this is the right direction for me to get lost in.

Join my on my adventures and say "hi" often :)

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