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10 of Dubai's Trendiest Cafes Worth Visiting

10 of Dubai's Trendiest Cafes Worth Visiting

Dubai is known as “the vertical city,” meaning high rises galore. The amount of attention it took to construct such an architecture-heavy city is apparent not only when looking up at building exteriors, but also when stepping inside its incredibly designed spaces. A prime example of the city’s beautiful aesthetic are its cafes which pop up around hidden corners as well as in highly-trafficked tourist spots. The details of each space take center stage and will surely give you something to ogle at while you enjoy a taste of local cuisine and imported specialty coffees.

1. Midnight Breakfast


A chic, exquisitely designed cafe, Midnight Breakfast has all your classic breakfast dishes adjusted with local flavors. As the name implies, breakfast is served at all times of the day (they are open until 2am on weekdays and 3am on weekends). Breakfast for lunch, dinner, and even as a midnight meal is the norm here. It’s always breakfast somewhere.  IG: @mid.nightbreakfast

2. Walter's Coffee Roastery


Attention Breaking Bad fans! There is a cafe in Dubai (and in Brooklyn, NY) themed after the hit series. Located in the Mall of Dubai, Walter’s Coffee boasts decor that includes paraphernalia from the show with a caffeinated twist. A periodic table of coffee-related things hands from the wall, while there is a laboratory-like kitchen in the middle of the space. This is the ultimate place to check out if you love the show (or just love coffee in general). IG: @walterscoffee.uae

3. WILD & The Moon


You may feel like you’ve walked into a greenhouse, but that’s just the style of the trendy Wild & The Moon. Serving up organic juices, superfood smoothies, and boosted coffees, this place is ideal for vegans and vegetarians or for those who just want to stay healthy while traveling in Dubai. They have all kinds of in-house made tonics that are ideal for helping you look and feel your best including a digestive tonic, a beauty and skin tonic, and organic and all-natural energy shots. The crowd here likes to enjoy themselves while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle—a sentiment that any traveler can appreciate. IG: @wildandthemoon

4. Stomping Grounds Specialty Hub


Stomping Grounds cafe not only serves great coffee but also incredible food. This is the perfect brunch spot, catering both to locals and tourists. It’s usually packed, so be sure to get there early and reserve your seats. Pictured here are is their poached eggs over avocado toast with sprouts and hummus and one of their seasonal brunch specials of beetroot hummus, grilled halloumi cheese, kale, and button mushrooms. IG: @stompinggroundsdxb

5. Nadi Al Quoz


Al Serkal Avenue is the ultimate hipster hangout, making it a natural home for some of the low-key coolest cafes in Dubai. This cafe, Nadi Al Quoz, not only serves one of the best coffees imported from Brooklyn, NY (Brooklyn Roasting Company), but also has some of the most fun seating options available. Choose to sit in a canvas lawn chair, a hammock swing, or a suspended mattress and enjoy the spaciousness of this warehouse-turned-cafe.

6. Common Grounds


Just because Common Grounds is located in a mall, don’t write it off! This place is always full of hungry people and/or those just in need of a caffeine fix. They serve lots of healthy and nutritious options (such as quinoa-filled salads and hummus toasts) and also have their own open kitchen where you can see them cranking out freshly baked goods daily. This is also a great place for those who want to work from home, as many of their seats offer power outlets. IG: @_common.grounds_

7. Alchemy


At the time of writing (May 2018), Alchemy had just opened a month before. However, its sleek interior, minimalist design, and marbled tables make it a top contender for those seeking not only the perfect cup of coffee but also a photogenic atmosphere (they even have their own outdoor pool)! Alchemy’s simple and straightforward menu is painted on the wall in sleek black and gold icons and typography. Each day, they switch out their single-origin blends, sourcing their beans from the best coffee farms around the globe. Plus, they have desserts you can only find at their cafe, such as their salted pistachio brownie. Yum! IG: @alchemydubai

8. MAKE Art Cafe


Right around the corner from XVA Gallery, you’ll find MAKE Art Cafe. This cafe is a bit more touristy than XVA, but arguably more lively. Their modern menu offers fresh açaí bowls, single-serving camel milk ice cream, and fresh juice blends. Once you’re done enjoying the hip atmosphere, enjoy their free art gallery called Alserkal Cultural Foundation, boasting beautiful works of local and international artists. IG: @make_dxb

9. XVA Gallery


In the middle of Dubai's Al Fahidi Historical District is XVA Hotel and Gallery. Part hotel, part cafe, part art gallery, the space has a homey, super relaxed vibe. Because the cafe and hotel are in the oldest part of Dubai (Al Fahidi District), many of the buildings in this neighborhood pay tribute to Persian style architecture and traditional design. XVA blends its historical surroundings with more contemporary works of art in its gallery and will truly give you a taste of Dubai's unique culture. Try their mezze platter with freshly made carrot hummus, babaganoush, and quinoa tabouli. IG: @XVAGallery

10. Depresso Cafe


Depresso’s claim-to-fame is their mini donut ring, served over an iced coffee of your choice. But even before this ingenious grab-n-go snack, they served up delicious-tasting brews. Located in Jumeirah neighborhood, the cafe is one that many locals flock to. It’s only about a 10-minute walk from Jumeirah Beach, so if you’re looking for a morning activity and need some caffeine to get your day going, start here and make your way to the beach! IG: @depressocafe.

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