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5 Small-Sized Travel Products for Long-Term Backpacking from Amazon

5 Small-Sized Travel Products for Long-Term Backpacking from Amazon

Do you ever think, "I wish I packed that!"? These are a few products I'm so glad to have brought with me during the last few months of traveling. I would also take any or all of these on shorter, weekend trips. 

1) Blackroll Mini Foam Roller

I love this little thing so much! It's tiny enough to fit into a purse and it's super lightweight. I chose to bring this one on my trip and it was maybe the best choice I made. It's perfect to use after walking around and site-seeing all day.

I like the Blackroll brand roller.

, World!

2) Mack's Silicon Earplugs

I am such a light sleeper that I sometimes even wake myself up (I sigh loudly, okay?!). These are the only type of earplugs that actually block out all noise. Foam ones do not work for me, personally. If you plan to stay in hostels, you will definitely come across some snorers. These block out all the sounds. They're also superb for overnight flights.


Mack's Earplugs can be purchased on Amazon.

3) Vitamins & Supplements

If you take vitamins and minerals, don't forget to bring or buy them for your travels. There are a few different supplements I bought for my trip: Ferratin bio-available Iron, Nature Made brand B12, Natural Calm magnesium, Viva Naturals High-Potency Vitamin D3, Nature's Bounty Absorbable Calcium, and a women's multivitamin by Garden of Life. I usually just consolidate all my pills into one bottle and take them each morning. I also recently bought a green powder that tastes really gross (it's a combo of spirulina, spinach, kale, cayenne, some other dried greens), but I put it into a water bottle and shake it up every morning. Squeezing in some lemon or lime juice helps with the awful taste. I don't know if the powder is just a placebo effect, but it does make me feel more alert in the morning or in the late afternoon.


4) Lucas' Paw Paw Ointment

Not only can you use this for dry skin or lips, but it's also good to use on rashes, burns, and bug bites. The ingredients list is straightforward and clean. It's one of my favorite skincare products.

Learn more about Lucas' Pawpaw Ointment here. You can purchase it from Amazon or at selected stores abroad (originally made in Australia).

5) Dr. Bronner's 18-in-1 Soap

This soap actually can be used in 18 different ways. I started with a small travel-sized bottle and it lasted me at least three months. You can add water to it when you start running low. I also stopped using a separate facewash and just use this instead.

Get it from Dr. Bronner's website, Amazon, or from higher-end retailers in the US and abroad.

What are your must-pack items? Let me know in the comments. 

Thanks for visiting!

- Steph

P.S. - This post contains Amazon affiliate links. When you purchase any of the items by clicking on the links from this article, I earn a small commission which helps keep the Lost Girl On Earth blog up and running. 

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