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We Are Travel Girls: 13 of the best cafés in europe

We Are Travel Girls: 13 of the best cafés in europe

Did you even go to Europe if you didn’t go to a café? Each country in Europe has its own unique culture when it comes to roasting and brewing, drinking, and enjoying the buzzy stuff. While I haven’t visited every country in Europe (yet!), here’s a list of some of the continent’s very best cafés. 

Café hopping gives you a great excuse to sit back and enjoy each new place, get to know the local culture better and try each country’s unique cuisines and flavors. Plus, sitting in cafés for an hour or two can be great for people watching, catching up on some reading, or striking up a conversation with someone new. If you’re interested in learning more about café culture or just want a fancy latte, you might want to grab a cup at any one of these unbeatable cafés in Europe.

1) OZONE | London, U.K.

London has an incredible coffee scene througout its diverse neighborhoods across the city. Ozone is no exception: it has undoubtedly one of the best-tasting coffees in London, but the chain originally started in New Zealand. You’ll often see people in there eating a gourmet breakfast or brunch of poached eggs, toast, or some fancy pastries. They roast their own beans at the Leonard Street location, and the smell of a hot cup is enough to make you swoon.

The interior offers plenty of natural light if you sit near the window side, but if you opt for seating further inside the café, you’ll get a darker, moodier vibe. There are also quite a large number of freelancers working there, so it’s easy to meet an international crowd of digital nomads and/or locals.

2) NETWORK | Dublin, Ireland

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Ireland is one of those countries that’s not particularly well-known for coffee as Guinness reigns supreme as the drink of choice. However, there are some amazing cafés in Dublin, for when you need a break from beer. Network Café is one of them—located on Aungier Street, it’s got beautifully made mugs, speedy Wi-Fi, and small bites perfect for any time of day. Check out their website for a sneak preview of their well-designed space.

3) OJALÁ | Madrid, Spain

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In Madrid, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants and cafés. Located in the trendy neighborhood of Malasaña, Ojalá’s picture-perfect Tiffany-Blue interior comes complete with sleek, contemporary decor, lush plants, and a wide selection of healthy vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Its basement feels like a retro night beach party – the entire downstairs is covered in sand, white brick walls, umbrella’d drinks and neon signs. Once you’ve had your coffee upstairs, head downstairs for a cocktail and an indoor beach party!

Check out the remaining ten cafés from this list on the We Are Travel Girls site!

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