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Best Cafés in Cape Town for Digital Nomads

Best Cafés in Cape Town for Digital Nomads

Cape Town is an ideal city for digital nomads, boasting a large international crowd and an innovative startup community. However, finding places to work with speedy WiFi can often pose a challenge for those traveling to the picturesque Mother City. Luckily, there are exceptional cafés around the center and surrounding areas offering freshly made coffee, light bites, and well-lit spaces for freelancers and tourists alike.

1. Yours Truly, Kloof Street


Everyone who’s anyone knows Yours Truly in Cape Town on Kloof Street. Attached to the hip Once In Cape Town Backpackers, it’s always packed with an artsy, hipster crowd at all times of the day. Here, you’re likely to meet mostly travelers and other digital nomads from around the world. At night, they are one of the coolest hangouts to be at before hitting the bars on Long Street. 

2. Hard Pressed


If you’re looking for a vibey place to work with quality food and a good amount of seating, Hard Pressed is the place to go! In addition to great coffee, they also have a short yet varied menu comprised of bagels, filling sandwiches, and specialty salads. If you’re interested in trying the South African specialty, Biltong (dried cured game meat, similar to jerky) go for the BBF: Biltong, Brie, and Fig salad. If you’re a music fan, you’ll appreciate their musician-themed coffee menu which dubs certain drinks after famous singers or bands (Winehouse and WHAM! to name a couple).

3. Folk Cafe


Folk Cafe is not just any ordinary cafe—their main objective is to bring a diverse range of people together in order to enjoy high-quality coffee, locally-sourced food, and international cultures together under one roof. They pride themselves on local and ethical food and drink items, including free-range chicken and eggs, grass-fed beef burgers, and fair trade coffee. After ordering one of their healthily cooked savory meals, treat yourself to a slice of their famous carrot cake or to another one of their pastries or sweets which are all baked in-house. Not only is it a great place to get some serious work done, but it also has a really good collection of books that includes anything from travel guides to international best-sellers to cookbooks. Free and unlimited WiFi and plenty of seating makes it an ideal place for freelancers, digital nomads, and locals to enjoy this open-minded and welcoming atmosphere. IG: @fca_cpt

4. Haas Coffee


Entering this cafe feels like you’re walking into someone’s living room. Complete with a Persian rug, rustic wood tables, and plenty of seating, It has a cozy, intimate feel that reminds you both of an antique museum and your grandmother’s house. Free and unlimited WiFi, hearty and light foods, and very good coffee are all available here. The waiters/waitresses all recommended trying their Bunny Chow—a hearty dish of chicken curry served in a freshly baked carved out bread loaf.

5. Truth Coffee Roasting


This steampunk-themed spot is quite possibly the best-known cafe in Cape Town. Their servers and baristas are all dressed up, “Mad Max” style, which means glass-eyed desert goggles, leather suspenders, and knuckle rings. But it’s not just for show—they serve amazing coffee and we’re even recommended to me by baristas from other cafes in the city. Their hip-looking space is always filled with an equally cool and artsy-looking crowd. There is never a shortage of locals or digital nomads working and/or not working socializing in here. Stay here until after the sun sets and grab a drink at the bar during after-hours! IG: @truthcoffee

6. The General Store


While this cafe may lack ample seating, it makes up for it in great, fresh food made daily. They serve a variety of delicious salad mixes that are vegetarian and vegan-friendly, but also serve proteins such as grilled chicken breast with honey mustard dressing and slow-roasted salmon fillets. Try a combo of their original salad mixes such as butternut squash, beetroot, arugula, and pumpkin seeds and/or roasted curried cauliflower and carrots. Come early to get a table and order a healthy lunch with your coffee!

7. Bean There Coffee Company


This cafe offers a long menu of fair-trade coffee and provides a chill atmosphere to work in or just sit and enjoy a fresh cup. They personally visit their coffee farms in order to bring the best single-origin beans to their shop. Six years in the running, they provide free WiFi and plenty of seating with lots of natural light. And if you’re a true coffee fanatic, they also offer occasional tastings during selected evenings.

8. Harvest Cafe & Deli


This beautifully-designed, modern cafe with a delicious menu of healthy and local foods is every Instagrammer’s dream come true. Spacious and well-lit, it is an ideal place for brunch (a smoothie bowl, perhaps?) or a light and healthy lunch (try their quinoa tabouli). Their menu offers a good variety of local and organic items as well as a list of vegan desserts. They also pride themselves on being freelancer-friendly and provide free WiFi and plug points all over the cafe. Bonus: it’s right across the street from Cape Town’s famously colorful Bo-Kaap neighborhood. Go to the rooftop for a view of the famous homes!  IG: @harvestcafect

9. Red the Gallery | Bree Street


Cafe meets art gallery. Red The Gallery on Bree street is relatively new to Cape Town’s cafe scene, but it has an incredible atmosphere and coffee that any caffeinated creative can appreciate. They hold private events, have unlimited free WiFi, and all their art is for sale. They also partake in “First Thursdays,” which is when most of the art galleries and specialty boutiques in the CBD stay open late for the first Thursday of each month. On that day, they have live music and an art sale. This place is perfect for digital nomads and art lovers alike.  IG: @redthegallery_bree

10. Bootlegger | Greenpoint


According to locals, Bootlegger has one of Cape Town’s best and most iconic cups of coffee around. At time of writing, there are 60 locations in and around the city. Many shops offer breakfast and lunch, and some are are also liscenced to sell alcohol. Locations vary in size, but the Greenpoint venue is a good one since it is quite spacious and offers a full restaurant menu that includes non-vegan and vegan options (try their vegan chocolate cacao parfait). Bootlegger also has their own app and rewards program that allows you to earn points towards free coffee and food items.

11. Dapper Coffee Co.


Cafe or vintage car garage? Dapper Coffee Co. is both! They have free and unlimited WiFi, delicious coffee, and the coolest cars you’ve ever seen. Since opening in 2015, their attached car dealership (known as Club9) has sold many classic and vintage cars including Porsche, Ferrari, and more. If you’re a car lover who enjoys good coffee, then you need to check this place out.  IG: @dapper_coffee_co

12. Shift Espresso Bar


Shift serves up incredible coffee, good food, and hip music. It’s a small place with a very friendly staff who truly care about their beans. Indoor and outdoor seating plus electric outlets at each table make it an ideal spot to work at. IG: @shift_espressobar

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